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Written Subtraction 4: use place value partitioning three-digit numbers in columns with borrowing

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Ages 8-12

With the method used in this worksheet, learners can master how to subtract three digit numbers easily by:

  • partitioning 3-digit numbers and recognising their place values in subtraction
  • regrouping the numbers to be subtracted in columns, in order to calculate their difference in writing
  • subtracting with column maths and decomposition or borrowing.

In a nutshell: Confidence breeds more confidence! And, hands on practice in subtracting does wonders for confidence and gradual skills development. Whether homeschooling, working independently or in classroom teaching, this math worksheet will make learners win, and brighten the day.

When kids are learning three digit subtraction, one of the concepts they'll encounter is regrouping, which is also known as carrying over, decomposition or column maths.

Carrying over is an important concept to learn, because it makes working with large numbers manageable. For example, when subtracting 234 from 321 in writing, we must carry over because we can not subtract 34 from 21.

Carrying over in subtraction, or as some people refer to it 'borrowing', can be confusingto young learners. Children know how to subtract 200 - 100 and get the correct answer. But, when the problem is 300 - 189, subtraction becomes becomes more challenging! Because, to be able to take away 189 from 300, they must understand how to carry over.

Many times, we teach students the process of working a math problem – but not the 'why' behind it. And if students don’t understand how place value works in subtraction, then they don't understand why we 'borrow'. 

Best get started with it!



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