The team are updating the archive regularly. The Help a Child Publish a Story was funded by RBKC Arts in 2017-18. Talk Together London team continue delivering creative writing events and workshops at local libraries, schools and Canalside House.

Follow the links below to read the stories archived according to age range:

Stories 2 - 13 years old

By providing children and young people with Legos or modelling clay, we encourage them to imagine their own worlds – whether filled with magic carpets or flying robots.

Stories 14 - 19 years old

To make learning fun and to encourage participants to tap into their creativity, we build emotionally significant links to the life of each writer and engage all the senses and use tools and objects to support and promote thinking.

Stories 19+

Mature students are also benefiting from the simplicity of the story writing templates and report that the strategy helps them overcome writer's block and anxiety in other writing tasks.



Archived Stories

The stories are accessible to readers for FREE.

The stories are archived on this web page and the TTLCIC team blog.

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The ‘Help a Child Publish a Story’ project was funded by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Arts Grants Scheme in 2017-18, to develop an understanding of common elements within traditional stories and guide the participants to write their own stories.



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