Archived Stories

The Story Library is a free service archiving the stories of project participants  in three age groups, by date of attendance (or story submission). Our team provided free support in spelling, punctuation and grammar. 

By offering children and young people creative play options, we encourage them to imagine their own worlds – whether filled with magic carpets or flying robots.

To make learning fun and to encourage participants to tap into their creativity, we build emotionally significant links to the life of each writer.

Mature students are also benefiting from the simplicity of the story writing templates and report that the strategy helps them overcome writer's block and anxiety in their writing tasks.

Talk Together London CIC is a social enterprise with charitable objectives, supporting those who are underserved or may be economically disadvantaged.

The 'Help a Child Publish a Story' was funded by RBKC Arts in 2017-18. The Story Library is updated regularly. The project team continue delivering creative writing events and workshops at local libraries, schools and Canalside House since 2017. The aim of the Help a Child Publish a Story project was to develop an understanding of common elements within traditional stories and guide the participants to write their own stories.


Services and Resources

All worries, anxiety about spelling, punctuation and grammar or numbers leave when we are learning how to write with creative play activities. Play, make something, tell a story and get it written with fun using our templates!

If numeracy is the topic, talk through problems and apply them to the world we live in. Talk about the solutions, practice and understand arithmetic with plenty of exercises, because we learn best with concrete and hands on examples.

So, why not teach and learn career awareness, literacy and numeracy and play and enjoy the process?

View the photos of creative play work in our online library, published regularly on these Story Library - Archive pages. The stories written by participants are published with permission and archived by date of submission or attendance. Nine out of ten people of your peers support learners with online resources.

Career Awareness - Ages 8 to 14

• Develop career awareness with mindful and fun exercises

• Choose the pace that suits the learner's setting

• Mark and protect future opportunities

• Avoid feeling overwhelmed or losing out.

Skoory 🐿️  says: "As a curious, thinking squirrel, achieving goals is easy for me. I prepare for the journey, leap over obstacles and problem solve along the way!"

With Workbook 1 discover what it takes to enter and be successful in a work setting that is fulfilling. Scientists report that squirrels never give up seeking their goals - searching for nuts 🥜🌰!

Skoory's Careers includes 24 sections covering topics that help to develop career awareness: • Hobbies and Interests • Future Roles • Skills Sets • Career Journeys • Journey Planning • All About Me • Likes and Dislikes • Work Options • Goal Setting • Informational Interviews • Beliefs and Attitudes • Self-Esteem • Self Assesment • and more.