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2021 marked 15 years of Talk Together London's work as a 'cic' - a registered ‘Community Interest Company’.

Talk Together London CIC is a social enterprise with charitable objectives, supporting those who are underserved and may be economically or socially disadvantaged.

Every learning resource or service purchased funds work for empowering lifelong learners. Consider sponsoring a product or service if they benefit you, and contribute to community projects by donating.

THANK YOU for your support and contributions, for keeping in touch and following our work in progress!

Talk Together London CIC is grateful for the generous contributions of supporters and donors like you! We are proud to operate with extremely low overheads, relying almost entirely on volunteers, however our work costs money, whether it is to pay required fees or to deliver services.

For purchases, tips and donations, you may use the Currency Switcher to view amounts in the currency of your location.

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Talk, Play and Learn

There are a number of advantages to lifelong learning. However, learning after school or at home requires dedication and self-motivation to remain focused, because it is voluntary - not compulsory education!

In other words, lifelong learners may need support and encouragement to stay on track! And that’s what we do: Talk Together London supports children, young people, parents and carers and mature learners to achieve their lifelong competency goals.

We offer support to lifelong learners and home schoolers with services and resources. Lifelong learning includes formal training as well as less structured ways of adding to professional or personal competency. It includes instruction or coaching, but lifelong learning is not compulsory education. It is voluntary education beyond or after school.

Talk Together London aims to generate sustainable funds by means of trading through the online shop and delivering online activities.

We are a registered "Community Interest Company", as denoted by the three letters “C I C” at the end of our name. CICs are social enterprise businesses run for a social, charitable objective, meaning that any surplus created or profit made is reinvested in the company's activities, in order to benefit the community, in accordance with the objectives approved by the CIC Regulator in GB.

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How Can You Help?

There are many ways you can help. One of them is visiting this web site and accessing the resources on offer, both free and paid. You might also:

  • Follow and connect with Talk Together London on social media
  • Share and Like Talk Together London’s posts and resources
  • Download the free and paid resources offered via the online shop and share them with friends, family and your community
  • Volunteer and help us support children, young people and mature learners to achieve their potential. Talk Together London C.I.C. is offering volunteering opportunities to candidates who are interested in community development and bilingual heritage in the UK - get in touch to apply
  • Raise awareness by letting others know about our work and projects
  • Raise funding for our work and projects
  • Donate to support projects. 


We are grateful to our partners, networks, funders, donors, volunteers, agencies and expert consultants, who enable our work and projects to continue.

For as little as £1 you can support our work and it will only take a minute. If everyone who supports our work makes a donation, our projects will be more secure. Thank you.


TTLCIC - Thank you! Come and join us! Access resources and services!