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Max 20 minutes to complete a short story with play!

1   Make something with Lego  -  7 mins

2   Describe it -  3 mins

3   Complete 7 sentences  -  5 mins

4   Have FREE help writing your story (optional)

5   Parents/Carers confirm their permission  -  3 mins

Result  =  1 good short story in 18 minutes and 1 happy published writer!

Young writers use the 7-sentence story templates to draft and publish their stories. The 7-sentence structure guides the writing process, to inspire an amazing story with play.

The method of 'playful story writing' supports learners so that everyone enjoys writing stories and developing English literacy skills. Try it with this FREE template!

The project has made accessible story templates that support play and the creative writing process. New stories are being added to the archive regularly: read them!


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