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TTLCIC mascot Skoory the squirrel goes NUTS in the game!

About the game

Squirrels are going NUTS is a 2D, grid based, brick blasting, enemy busting, coin catching action and puzzle game with single player and local multiplayer party mode for 1-4 players. It'll take you and your friends through ever-challenging levels.

After all, squirrels never give up seeking for nuts or achieving their goals!

Squirrels are playing with nuts

Drop bombs, blow up or make blocks, battle enemies and catch coins in this grid based nut puzzle! Use the power-ups at your disposal to clear your way to victory in single-player or multiplayer modes.


  • Precise and responsive controls 'cause it is a grid based game.
  • Health bar for every player and impressive power-up items.
  • 28 level Campaign mode for strategic battles, including 21 procedurally generated levels and 7 unique Boss battles.
  • 4 Player local multiplayer, complete the campaign in Co-op or battle in the PvP Arena.
  • Steam Remote Play Together with up to 3 friends over the internet.

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    Squirrels are playing football with nuts

    As TTL's Skoory the squirrel says -

    "Achieving goals is easy. Plan for the journey, jump over obstacles and problem solve along the way."

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