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Sentence Construction and Verbs Grammar Worksheet

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Ages 7-12

Interactive and Printable Formats

In order to speak clearly, to be heard and to be understood sentences have to make sense. Every complete sentence must have a main verb.

This three page printable grammar worksheet:

  • offers exercises in recognising simple sentence structures, for learners to have hands on practice
  • provides guidance in identifying verbs, for development of good grammar skills
  • teaches how to rewrite fragments as complete sentences, for improvement of grammar
  • can be printed and filled by hand or completed as a PDF form on the computer, for accessibility.

It makes reaching the finishing line easy every time for independent learning, homeschooling or classroom teaching.

Why it benefits me?

You are trying to define what a verb is and all of sudden the thought comes to you that the answer is not all that clear: you have questions.

Are 'having words' and 'being words' also verbs? Not just 'doing' words, right? But, why?

This worksheet explains with hands on practice the role of verbs in sentence construction.  Whether homeschooling, working independently or in classroom teaching, this worksheet will make learners win and brighten the day.

So, take the next step and get the worksheet now!   



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