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A sentence expresses a complete idea or thought, but what holds the sentences in a paragraph together? And, here is the complete first paragraph, but where does the second paragraph come from, right? This template does the explaining for you with hands on practice (without any need for unnecessary lecturing!). It offers seven paragraph cues that kickstart the writing process effortlessly.


This two page FREE template has seven prompts and paragraph cues that:

  • jumpstart the creative writing process for writers who are hesitating.
  • stretch the imagination and inspire ideas to write a well structured short story successfully, in half an hour.
  • become good story starters for naturally structuring thoughts.
  • are handy because sometimes looking at a white blank page can make it hard to think of what to write about!
  • overcome worries over spelling, punctuation and grammar for overwhelmed writers who need more support.


Recommended to use with Play Activities:

Because this way nobody has to begin writing with the worry that they may fail in their writing skills. Learners can take care of spelling, punctuation and grammar more easily after they finish writing their stories. 


Is your child enjoying learning? It is good fun for young writers to tell their stories using legos or modelling clay at first. We call it 'Playful Story Writing' or "Story Writing with Play'. You can find more information on this from Cambridge University research. The process helps improve literacy and may even help students in their exams.