Nurture Career Awareness

Gift of Early Career Planning

Why early career awareness matters?

It matters, in short, for these reasons:

→ because young people will be better informed;

→ they will be aware of the possibilities;

→ they will get the chance to be more creative with their choices when decision time comes;

→ and, they will choose occupations that they are good at, make them happy and they enjoy.

Dream + Plan + Do

Playing and Dreaming

➤ Teaching kids 21st century skills of lifelong learning early will help prepare them for their happy and successful careers.


Lifelong Learning and Working

➤ We are more satisfied with our careers if our choices are based on our interests and the activities that we enjoy the most.



With our curious squirrel Skoory's Career Awareness Workbook 1 it is easy to discover what it takes to enter and be successful in a work setting that is happy and fulfilling. You can:
• Develop young people's career awareness with thoughtful and fun exercises
• Choose the pace that suits the learner's setting best
• Signpost and protect their future opportunities
• Avoid emotions of feeling overwhelmed or losing out. 

Scientists report that squirrels - like our Skoory the Squirrel - never give up seeking their goals searching for nuts 🥜🌰 or procrastinate!

But, why?

The answer is simple and straightforward: because they enjoy working for a goal that makes them happy and they happen to like.

They actually plan their journeys, and, if there are obstacles along the way, they find solutions to problems in order to reach what they want. You will love observing how they are motivated to work towards their goals, to solve problems connected with getting what they need and want, and to persevere until they are successful, when you watch Archived Squeak the Squirrel



Skoory's Careers includes 24 sections covering topics that help to develop career awareness: •Hobbies and Interests •Future Roles •Skills Sets •Career Journeys •Journey Planning •All About Me •Likes and Dislikes •Work Options •Goal Setting •Informational Interviews •Beliefs and Attitudes •Self-Esteem •Self Assesment •and more.

This workbook makes reaching the finishing line easy every time for independent learners, homeschooling or classrooms, and brightens the day.

"Achieving goals is easy: plan for the journey, jump over obstacles and problem solve along the way!"