Nurture Career Awareness

Why early career awareness matters?

It matters, in short, for these reasons:

→ because young people will be better informed;

→ they will be aware of the possibilities;

→ they will get the chance to be more creative with their choices when decision time comes;

→ and, they will choose occupations that they are good at, make them happy and they enjoy.

Gift of Early Career Planning:

Playing and Dreaming -

➤ Teaching kids 21st century skills of lifelong learning early will help prepare them for their happy and successful careers.




Lifelong Learning and Working -

➤ We are more satisfied with our careers if our choices are based on our interests and the activities that we enjoy the most.




With our curious squirrel Skoory's Career Awareness Workbook 1 it is easy to discover what it takes to enter and be successful in a work setting that is fulfilling. You can:

• Develop young people's career awareness with thoughtful and fun exercises
• Choose the pace that suits the learner's setting best
• Signpost and protect their future opportunities
• Avoid emotions of feeling overwhelmed or losing out. 


Discover Career Awareness

Dream + Plan + Do


Skoory's Careers includes 24 sections covering topics that help to develop career awareness: •Hobbies and Interests •Future Roles •Skills Sets •Career Journeys •Journey Planning •All About Me •Likes and Dislikes •Work Options •Goal Setting •Informational Interviews •Beliefs and Attitudes •Self-Esteem •Self Assesment •and more.

This workbook makes reaching the finishing line easy every time for independent learners, homeschooling or classrooms, and brightens the day.

"Achieving goals is easy: plan for the journey, jump over obstacles and problem solve along the way!"
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