Autumn 20

Welcome to My Story Project in Autumn 2020!

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The Fox and the Squirrel

by Aylin

Once upon a time there was a fox and squirrel who came to our garden in the summer. They were digging into our flower pots and smelling everything. If they found something they liked, they took it.

And everyday the squirrel was visiting the garden in the morning and the fox usually arrived after dark. They didn’t see each other.

And one day my sister didn't finish eating her sandwich and left her plate under the big tree in the garden.

The squirrel

So because of that when the squirrel came in the morning she took some of the left-over and then climbed up the tree.

So because of that when the fox came there wasn’t any food left. But the fox smelled the food and waited under the tree till the morning.

Until finally the squirrel and the fox met under the tree. But they could not become friends because the fox was hungry and wanted to eat the squirrel.

The big tree

And ever since the squirrel and the fox have been chasing each other.




The Tent in the Garden

by Jayla

Once upon a time we built a tent in our garden because everyone caught an illness called Corona and we were not allowed to go on holiday.

And everyday I played in the tent with my toys. My sister brought her coloring books and crayons. Sometimes we ate our lunch in the tent and took naps there.

And one day we were playing in the tent, but mum called us to come inside. We left our things in the tent and quickly ran to the house for dinner.

The tent in the garden

So because of that we forgot to bring our toys and crayons inside and left them in the tent.

So because of that in the morning when we went to the tent to play, we could not find our things. No toys! No crayons!

Until finally we were crying and went to ask mum if she knew who took them from the tent. Mum was looking around the garden and under the bushes. "There," she said, "look, are these your toys?" There were teeth marks on the crayons and they were broken. "The fox and the squirrel," she said, "wanted to play with your toys and crayons!"

The fox wanted to play

And ever since we are more careful. We washed the toys and crayons with soap and also washed our hands with soap because the fox and the squirrel touched everything. We don't leave anything outside anymore because we might lose them again. 




The Annoying Brother

by Danny Davito


Once upon a time there was a girl and a boy.

And every day the boy would prank his little sister.


He played pranks on his little sister.

Caption: He pranked his sister every day!


Until one day a witch kidnaped the boy.

And because of that the girl pushed the witch into a fire.

And because of that the girl rescued the boy.

Until finally the witch escaped from the fire because, as you know, witches never die. But, the witch never came back!


The witch left and never came back.

Caption: The witch left and never came back!


And ever since the boy kept pranking the girl!