A Story Online

A Story Online


The Story Library is accessible to readers for FREE. New stories are being added to the story archive regularly. You may read the stories written by My Story project participants and view the beautiful photographs of their Lego and modelling clay creations.

But then do not delay drafting and sending a story online using this 7-sentence structure. It only takes minutes and will help boost literacy and communication skills. Just enjoy expressing a story in writing and avoid feeling anxious about spelling, punctuation or grammar.

There are seven cues or paragraph starters. Read each cue and complete it with a sentence. So easy! And, thank you for your story!

You can find further instructions here for story writing with play and download a 7-sentence story template here or visit the STORY LIBRARY if that's what you'd like to do first. 

If a young person wishes to submit a story for possible publication, they must gain permission from their parent/carer or teacher and indicate this on the form below. Talk Together London CIC reserves the right to examine submitted content and has the sole discretion to determine whether stories will be published online. Publication may take up to ten working days.


Tip: Read each cue and complete the sentence. It's so easy ...

2-13 years old
14-19 years old