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Alphabet Farm Puzzle (500 Pieces)

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We are offering for sale as part of our current fundraising drive a collection of 'like new' and 'pre-owned' educational toys, because we do not use them anymore or need them any longer and there is limited room for storage.

Open-box: The toy is in perfect condition, however, due to the condition of the packaging, it does not meet the standards for new product. The box may include a "From the library of" label.

500 piece puzzle.

For 12 years and older.

The picture on the puzzle is part of a collection and no longer available on the market. It is the work of freelance artist Gale Pitt. Made of 500 pieces, the puzzle Alphabet Farm is a fun challenge.

Every piece is unique with a completely unique shape, have anti-glare surfaces and are virtually dust free to give the best experience possible.

If you are loking for something special and educational, this jigsaw puzzle is a fun activity to do alone or in a group. The puzzle uses an exclusively developed, extra-thick cardboard combined with fine, linen structured paper to create a glare free puzzle image.

The educational value of doing a jigsaw puzzle is priceless. They teach problem solving, improve memory, build attention span, develop fine motor skills, instil a sense of accomplishment, promote team work, encourage resilience and provide entertainment.



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