7-Sentence Story Structure (creative writing with template - 7 to 12 year olds)

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This printable and interactive 7-sentence story writing template does the explaining of how to structure thoughts, ideas and feelings in writing with hands on practice.  So, there we go: no more talking, just writing - it's so easy!

The template offers a clear and flexible structure with paragraph cues to kickstart the writing process effortlessly for any writer. It makes reaching the finishing line easy every time for independent learning, homeschooling or classroom teaching.

A sentence expresses a complete idea or thought, but what holds the sentences in a paragraph together? And, here is the first paragraph completed, but where does the second paragraph come from? The 7-sentence template jumpstarts the creative writing process with seven writing prompts. 

The 7-sentence writing prompts are cues that stretch the imagination and inspire ideas to write a well structured short story successfully in half an hour. You don't get to waste time staring at a blank page! Guidance for structuring a story protects writers who may feel overwhelmed by anxiety about spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Learners can pause and continue anywhere, or, go back and change the story and continue. Their thought process is guided from beginning to end with a flexible structure that is based on seven consecutive sentence - or paragraph - starters to complete their story effortlessly. 

In a nutshell: Confidence breeds more confidence! And, hands on practice in writing a story in less than half an hour does wonders for gradual skills development. Whether homeschooling, working independently or in classroom teaching, this template will make learners win and brighten their day.

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