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Community events:

Due to the pandemic, the date of the next event is To Be Confirmed.

We invite you to join us online from your home and submit a story with the STORY MAKER.

Here are some tips to help during this difficult time of homeschooling! If you have any queries, please contact us.


TTLCIC - Read, write, play!

Max 20 minutes to complete a short story with play!

Young writers use the 7-sentence story templates to draft and publish their stories. The 7-sentence structure guides the writing process, to inspire an amazing story with play.



Question-Answer relationships (QAR) is a powerful strategy to boost comprehension, for communicators, readers and writers.

Recently we added a new worksheet to our online resources:

QAR Comprehension Fiction - Worksheet with a Rudyard Kipling story and 28 QAR questions

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TTLCIC - The times tables

Q: How to make learning the times tables easy and fun?

A: By practicing regularly with the Multiplication Square!




TTLCIC - Abacus


Numbers can be mysterious things! Apart from counting or measuring, they are not met through the five senses. And, there are different kinds of numbers: for example rational numbers and irrational numbers.

'What is a number?' is not a question asked before children reach the age of attending higher education. Before that time, they work with numbers: in other words, they do mathematics.

If you are helping your children, here are two worksheets that can help with the task:

MULTIPLICATION SQUARE (blank up to 12 for years 8 to 12) (Free offer)

MULTIPLICATION SQUARE (up to 12 with answers for years 6 to 12) (Worksheet with answers)

They include a special times table page that makes learning multiplication up to 12 easier and enjoyable!

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