Give Away

Give Away


It's Give Away time! To enter, complete and send your 7-sentence story. The prize is a Key Stage 2 English workbook.

Give Away - KS2 Literacy book

This creative writing template makes reaching the finishing line easy every time for independent learning, homeschooling or classrooms. Read each cue and complete with one or more sentences. There are seven cues or paragraph starters. So easy! Your story will be published online only with a pen name of your choice, without personal details: view examples of published stories here, in the Story Library. You can email us photos of your Lego, modelling clay and craft creations or drawings that you created about your story.

If a young person wishes to submit a story for possible publication, they must gain permission from their parent, carer or teacher and indicate this on the form below. Talk Together London CIC reserves the right to examine submitted content and has the sole discretion to determine whether stories will be published online. Publication may take up to ten working days.


Tip: Read each cue and complete the sentence. It's so easy ...

2-13 years old
14-19 years old