ADDITION STRATEGIES USING PLACE VALUE (partitioning in columns ‐ 2 digits for years 7 to 12)

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Are you after regular mathematics practice?

You are teaching how to record addition in columns and then suddenly it comes to you in a flash that when you were in school the teacher did not explain why you add a digit to the left when you reach the number 10 or 100 or 1000 ... You know how to do it, but explaining how it works is something else, right? This worksheet does the explaining to 7 to 12 year olds for 2 digit numbers with plain and simple examples and exercises.


This 3-page worksheet:

  • Shows with examples what to do, for learners to be confident that they are capable mathematicians.
  • Helps them learn how to partition numbers into tens and ones, for learners to master the role of place value in adding.
  • Provides instructions to partition in columns, for helping learners quickly figure out the strategies that they prefer and work for them.
  • Offers a different approach to the column method of addition where ones are placed under ones and tens under tens, for facilitating learners' development.
  • Links to mental methods of addition by using place value, for ease of understanding.
  • Offers exercises in recording addition using partitioning in columns - add the tens and then the ones to form partial sums in columns and then add these partial sums, so that they can easily understand how addition works.