Multiplication Square (up to 12 with answers for years 6 to 12)

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Practicing regularly with this worksheet on paper or a PC improves mastery in multiplying two whole numbers up to 12 before moving on to long division. It makes reaching the finishing line easy every time for independent learning, homeschooling or classroom teaching.

Includes the answers and a special times table page that makes learning multiplication up to 12 easier and enjoyable!

This worksheet makes learning the times tables easy and fun by practicing regularly with the Multiplication Square.  Do you recall the answers to these: 6 x 9 = ?  or  7 x 8 = ?  or  9 x 7 = ? This square improves mental multiplication skills and improves accurate recall of the times tables facts.

Answers are included to show with examples what to do, for learners to be confident that they are capable mathematicians.

    Fluency and ease in multiplying whole numbers is useful to learn because it aids in all calculations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and problem solving. 

    In a nutshell: Confidence breeds more confidence! And, hands on practice in multiplying does wonders for confidence and gradual skills development. Whether homeschooling, working independently or in classroom teaching, this worksheet will make learners win and brighten the day.

    Best get started with it!