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Talk Together London CIC

7-Sentence Story Writing Template with Photos (SEN)

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Ages 7+

These story writing templates help to structure thoughts, ideas and feelings:

  • recommended for special educational needs such as the autism spectrum disorder
  • offer colourful image prompts and fill-in paragraph starter cues in seven structured paragraphs
  • organise the process of writing a story and simplify the task for the writer so that they can complete their story comfortably and easily
  • make the study of spelling, grammar and punctuation more enjoyable after completing a story successfully and becoming more confident
  • can be printed and filled by hand or completed as a pdf form on the computer (and submitted for possible publication on the current 'Story Library' web pages, if you wish).

They make reaching the finishing line easy every time for independent learning, homeschooling or classroom teaching.

As they interpret each image, learners can use the templates:

  • to build several story plots. And, this process of interpretation supports the development of creative thinking, imagination and communication skills. 
  • to stretch the imagination, critical thinking and writing ability.

A sentence expresses a complete idea or thought, but what holds the sentences of a paragraph together?

And, here is the first paragraph completed, but where does the second paragraph come from, right?

This creative writing template does the explaining for you with hands on practice, without any need for unnecessary lecturing. The photographs support learners with special educational needs such as the autism spectrum disorder, and help them translate ideas into words. 

It offers seven photographs and paragraph cues that kickstart the writing process and helps writers to structure ideas from beginning to end effortlessly while talking about each photograph. And, they have fun doing it, too! Whether homeschooling, working independently or in classroom teaching, these creative writing templates will make learners win, and brighten the day.

Read examples of published 7-sentence stories written at live #creativeplay events here.

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