Skoory's Career Awareness Book for Kids

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Skoory's Careers Workbook 1 will ...

• Show parents and carers how to help their kids win by describing the positive influences on work choices and future lives

• Develop skills evaluation for planning ahead by encouraging kids express views and perspectives about future job choices

• Let you choose a pace that suits learners' settings when teaching children and young people about successful career choices

• Help them mark and protect future opportunities and avoid feeling overwhelmed or losing out.

However people choose their future career, it is more enjoyable if that choice takes into account their hobbies, interests and the activities that they enjoy doing. Research shows how job satisfaction depends on career choices that are based on interests and the activities that people enjoy the most.

This printable career development workbook is suitable for independent learning by children and young people as well as teaching support while completing the exercises of the workbook at a pace that feels comfortable for any classroom setting.

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