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Some people say about Marmite that you either love it or hate it. But what about Facebook?   Apparently, advertisers love Facebook. It’s a billion-dollar heaven for networkers and a marketplace for everyone who wants to cash in. Not only businesses, but politicians, government offices, schools, you name it, they are there. The fact that one person owns it all and makes all the rules does not seem to perturb anyone’s conscience and people continue using it.   However, unlike Marmite, Facebook can not make an appeal to wholesomeness for nurturing us. As a small social enterprise we decided not to...

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There are one or two outreach venues where it is not possible to access the internet with our laptops: for example, delivering an after school club in a basement. As a solution we started using a WD 4 TB Elements Portable Hard Drive and recommend it to anyone who needs to access their files and resources without Wi-Fi. Also, bring colouring books with you because everyone enjoys them.

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