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In April our Lego Stories - Story Writing with Play event took place during term break. We hosted a wonderful group of multilingual children, toddlers, babies, parents and carers. Together they made beautiful Lego creations, wrote amazing stories and communicated in many different languages, including French, Hindi, Italian and Spanish. London is truly the multicultural centre of the world!   Le Docteur (by Violette) Once upon a time une dame met la main avec le rose. And every day ce monsieur avec une bouche et la main et un chapeau. Until one day ce monsieur fait "wow!" - avec le...

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after school, creative writing, English, health, joy of learning, kids, lifelong learners, literacy, London, play, study support -

My Story Project: Letter to Rosy (by Amira) Posted on February 24, 2018 by ttlcic Rosy Rbeca Ennis, Ireland 22 February 2018 Dear Rosy, I miss you so much. But, I like it here in Morocco because I go to the beach every day. But I miss you still. I go to the mosque sometimes. I have lots of friends but I still wish you were here. Do you like traveling? Would you like to go to Mororcco? Remember, when I met you in London you were sightseeing. If you come to visit me here we could go sightseeing together. Yours...

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