TTLCIC - Creative Play


Under 20 minutes to complete a short story with play!

1   Draw or make something with Lego, modelling clay or other craft materials  -  7 mins

2   Describe it -  3 mins

3   Complete 7 sentences  -  7 mins

4   Have FREE help writing your story (optional)

5   Parents/Carers confirm their permission  -  3 mins

Result  =  a good short story in 20 minutes and a published writer!

Watch a project video!


7-sentence story templates guide the writing process and inspire amazing narratives effortlessly with play. Writers can use the online 7-sentence story structure to draft and publish their stories.


TTLCIC - Creative Play


'My Story' project is making accessible story templates that support play and facilitate the creative writing process. The method of 'writing with play' is a source of encouragement for learners because everyone enjoys writing stories and developing English literacy skills effortlessly.


Read the stories written by My Story project participants and view photographs of their Lego and modelling clay creations:






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