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Photos from Talk Together Story Writing Events December 2017         For more info please visit and Get in Touch.  

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Talk Together London After School Clubs - December 2017 Happy 2018 for all and thank you to everyone who helped in 2017! We memorized 15 objects using the linking method. We learned about how we multitask. We had fun trying to do different things at the same time. We learned about perception and visual illusions. We had fun making our own flipstick cartoons. After school club students and staff together made a farewell card for the headteacher retiring after 30+ years at the school, and everyone was sad.       For more info please visit and Get in Touch....

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Did you know that talking about maths problems is beneficial for students learning maths? The process improves reasoning skills and helps them understand why a solution works, rather than memorising and rote learning. Educators stress the distinction between the precise language of mathematics and more informal talk. And, in many classrooms all mathematics can be seen as under the sole control of the teacher. But, research points to the importance of collaborative tasks and talk in learning mathematics. Allowing learners to construct solutions for themselves through talk enriches individuals’ logical thinking and problem solving skills. To help learners experience being...

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