Playful Story Writing in the Library!


TTLCIC - Playful Story Writing

Event Name:  Playful Story Writing with Lego at North Kensington Library

Facilitator:  Talk Together London team

Date & Time:  3rd Monday of each month  3:30 - 5:00 pm

Ticket:  For advance bookings, contact North Kensington Library

Category:  After School Education - Literacy

It is good fun for young writers to tell their stories using legos or modelling clay at first. We call it "Playful Story Writing". You can find more information on this from Cambridge University research. The process helps improve literacy and helps students in their exams.

Students can take care of spelling and grammar more easily after they finish writing their stories - not before! This way they don't have to begin writing with the worry that they may fail in their writing skills. Is your child enjoying learning?

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